Liquor Liability Insurance for Food Services Professionals
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Liquor Liability Insurance for Restaurants and Caterers

If an employee of your restaurant or catering business serves alcohol to someone who is intoxicated or underage, your business could be sued and held responsible for that person's actions. For example, if a server or bartender in your establishment serves someone a few drinks and that person then causes a motor-vehicle accident on the way home, your business could be sued for violating state laws, serving an intoxicated person, or failing to property hire and train your employees.

Even if your employees are well-trained and refuse service to an inebriated or underage person, you could still find yourself facing a lawsuit. Even lawsuits without merit can be costly, as legal defense costs can quickly accrue.

The average cost to defend a liquor liability claim is $150,000, and a settlement in a liquor liability case could cost your business $500,000 or more. The best way to protect yourself against such costly lawsuits is to purchase liquor liability insurance.

What Liquor Liability Insurance Covers

Liquor liability insurance provides coverage for bodily injury and property damage related to your business selling, serving or furnishing any alcoholic beverage. This type of insurance pays for your legal defense and any verdicts or settlements your business may face, up to the limits of your policy. The insurance company will also take on the time-consuming management of the litigation process on your behalf, providing expert defense attorneys who specialize in liquor liability claims.

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Liquor Liability Insurance Tips

  • If your business does not serve liquor, but you allow people to bring their own, you can still be held liable for their actions. To protect your business, ask us about our "bring your own bottle" liability coverage option.
  • If your business is in a state that recognizes joint and several liability, you can be held liable for an entire claim, even if the intoxicated person only had one drink at your restaurant.
  • Be sure your employees are trained to recognize the signs of intoxication, check IDs and politely refuse service if necessary. Management should be available to back up an employee and speak to customers if needed.