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QUICK TIP!  5 Ways to Avoid a Lawsuit:
  • Ask clients to remove valuables from homes
  • Lock up house keys and lockbox combinations
  • Document all visits to clients' homes
  • Restrict access to sensitive client information
  • Verify employees' driver licensing and car insurance

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Comprehensive Protection for Your Real Estate Business

In real estate, sometimes the market is up, and sometimes it's down. In a business this volatile, you can't afford to risk financial losses due to lawsuits, loss of property (yours or your clients), injury or car accidents.

While you may feel like you're at the mercy of market fluctuations, one thing you can control is your own business risk. As a Realtor®, securing appropriate business insurance is one of the most effective ways to protect your business. Business Insurance Now specializes in affordable, comprehensive insurance coverage for real estate professionals, helping your business thrive in the face of everyday risk.

Covered Specialties

  • Residential real estate agents and brokers
  • Commercial real estate agents and brokers

Available Coverage

Business Insurance Now makes it easy to secure specialized insurance for real estate agents and agencies, providing immediate coverage from top-rated real estate insurance carriers. Our most requested policies include:

If you're not sure what kinds of insurance your real estate business needs, the real estate insurance experts at Business Insurance Now can help. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation risk assessment.

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Project Management Tips to Reduce Your Liability as a Real Estate Agent

  • Before an open house, agents should walk through with the client ahead of time, securing or removing any valuables, and documenting any pre-existing damage to the home or its contents.
  • Encourage employees (or yourself) to bring someone along when visiting properties at odd hours, hosting open houses, or in any situation in which they don't feel safe alone.
  • Keep electronic and paper records in locked, fireproof safes, or store duplicates in a secure location away from your office.
  • Restrict employee access to sensitive information, such as clients' social security numbers and financial information, lockbox combinations, and house keys. Keep records of access to a client's home, whether by your own agents or other agencies.