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Viacom pushing for lawsuit against YouTube again


Viacom announced its disappointment with a judge's decision on a copyright infringement trial in favor of Google's YouTube with another suit, The Wall Street Journal reports.

The leading global entertainment content is continuing to seek a lawsuit against YouTube for distributing shows without authorization. The Daily Show and The Colbert Report were two of the shows Viacom mentioned were illegally posted during 2005 and 2008 by YouTube.

Errors and omissions insurance may be necessary in cases such as this. While YouTube is responsible for the content available on their website, millions of users share video content through its feed and much of the content goes unseen by the company.

However, a judge in June of 2010 ruled that YouTube was protected under the Digital Millennium Copyright act and that it removed the content in a soon enough timeframe, the news source states.

Andrew Schapiro, YouTube lawyer, said in a statement that it was the responsibility of Viacom to protect their copyrighted content.

"The statute makes copyright owners, not service providers, responsible for policing their copyrights by identifying, and, if they choose, requesting the removal of infringing material," Schapiro wrote. "That was the only sensible approach: copyright holders are the ones in a position to know what material they own, what they have licensed, and where they want their works to appear online."

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