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U.S. company files lawsuit against Austrian-based equipment maker


An Austrian pulp and paper equipment maker, Andritz, has rejected a complaint issued by a United States supplier claiming its technology copyrights were infringed, Bloomberg reports. Regardless of the outcome of the legal action, Andritz engineers could certainly benefit from professional liability insurance.

In a statement on Thursday, Andritz emphasized that the U.S. supplier, Ovalstrapping, made unjustified accusations. According to the Andritz, the technology once used through Ovalstrapping has been replaced. The Austrian company revealed it believes the issue will be resolved through arbitration.

Ovalstrapping, which provides machinery to gather bunches of pulp, filed the lawsuit to the U.S. District Court in Tacoma and requested an injunction and $25 million in damages, the news source said.

"A tying machine literally ties or binds together by wire one or more bales of pulp in a pulp mill," Ovalstrapping wrote in a complaint. "By contract, Oval gave Andritz the right to buy Oval’s tying machines but prohibited Andritz from using Oval’s confidential information in developing Andritz’s own tying machine. Andritz has developed its own tying machine using Oval’s confidential information and has thereby breached the contract."

Even if the new technology used by Andritz isn't exactly the same, yet mirrors Ovalstrapping's patents, it may be liable for damages.

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