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Phishing attacks pick up during the holiday season


New findings by Phishtank, a community website where users can share information about phishing attacks, indicated cybercriminals were feasting on those who travel and spend more during the holiday season..

PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, Santander and other financial organizations were found to be the most spoofed brands during the holiday season, meaning cybercrooks sent out phishing emails disguised as correspondence from these companies. The criminals were able to take advantage of the 7 percent increase in credit card spending during the holidays. Another growing target of cybercrime has been TAM, a fast-growing Latin American airline, according to the report. Because targets are more likely to click on links embedded in phishing emails when a prior online relationship exists between the target and the spoofed company, rapidly growing enterprises that rely heavily on digital communication are especially vulnerable.

With the increased amount of cybercrime, companies could benefit from a cyberliability business insurance policy, which fights back against phishing attacks and provides a business protection from losses related to these types of crimes.

According to the Chicago Tribune, common sense safeguards against phishing include not responding to an email with a Social Security number and not opening email attachments from strangers.

Other methods to guard against phishing attacks include doing an online security scan, disconnecting a computer from the internet and backing up important files, said the paper.

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