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Many IT professions require employees to be always connected


IT professionals are vital to the business world as they provide support for the technology that is used to conduct processes throughout the day. According to a recent survey conducted by Emerson Network Power, many IT pros believe “they have to be on, the same way the system is required to run 24 hours every day.”

The research found executive director/administrator, IT procurement and chief intelligence officers are the top 3 always-on jobs, respectively. Rounding out the list are IT manager/director, IT operations, data center manager, engineering, IT security, applications/software development and database management. 

“They need to be smart, flexible and quick - a lot like the technology they work to support," said  Blake Carlson, vice president of the IT business segment and Avocent products & services at Emerson. "And, they must be able to handle multiple tasks at once and figure out how to get things done with limited or inadequate resources. In my experience, IT professionals are a breed apart.”

IT staff that are logged on to their networks all day are at an increased risk for computer hacking because cybercriminals will have ample time to infiltrate their networks.

With these professions asking employees to always be connected to their network, they need to protect against computer hackers and phishing attacks with cyber liability insurance to ensure their business critical files cannot be compromised.

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