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Dangers of file-sharing and how to combat them


Peer-to-peer file-sharing has been considered a risky endeavor for a number of years now, particularly since many mp3 downloading networks rose in popularity. Despite numerous warnings in the media, many have continued to use such programs, whether for downloading music, games and movies or for work-related document sharing. However, according to Inc. Technology, this could potentially threaten sensitive data.

Some major risks include accidentally sharing files, becoming vulnerable to malware attacks, losing track of data, and unintentionally remotely storing illegal material, according to the source.

Many experts do not believe the convenience of peer-to-peer sharing networks are worth the risk. "Peer-to-peer file-sharing programs have virtually no place in a business environment,'' Randy Abrams from the anti-malware vendor ESET told the source. "The security of the programs varies widely. However, in many cases, the default settings are not the most secure. The risks of P2P file-sharing are too great to be ignored."

Though the threat is serious, the source presented some ways to protect sensitive work data and customer information. Creating a file-sharing policy for employees and offering other solutions for file-sharing between workers may help reduce the appeal of using peer-to-peer networks. Additionally, the source recommends classifying documents and users and seeking outside help if necessary.

Another way to prepare for possible problems caused by file-sharing is to obtain professional liability insurance in order to assist with any potential expenses, should a security breach occur. 

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