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QUICK TIP!   5 Ways to Reduce Your Photo Business' Risks:
  • Be sure your insurance policy covers equipment taken off-site
  • Secure electrical cords to prevent accidental trips and falls
  • Stay aware of your surroundings and nearby activity when working outdoors
  • Wear appropriate personal protective equipment if handling chemicals
  • Keep cameras and other equipment in locked cases to deter theft

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Comprehensive Protection for Your Photography Business

As a professional photographer, your clients are counting on you to create high-quality images that will preserve irreplaceable moments in time or showcase people, places and things in the best possible light. A lot of factors are involved in getting a shoot just right – some of which you can control, and some of which you can't. The success of your photography business rides on more than just your talent. It also depends on your skill as a business manager in preventing everyday risks from becoming liabilities.

Even the most highly skilled, experienced photographers can encounter potential professional liability exposures in their work, ranging from equipment failure to errors in judgment. At the same time, even a small photography business may own thousands of dollars' worth of high-end equipment. While security systems provide some protection against theft, there is always the risk of fire, power surges, mechanical breakdown, or other problems that can leave your photography business without a studio or the necessary tools of the trade.

That's where we come in. Business Insurance Now specializes in affordable, comprehensive insurance coverage for photographers and photography businesses, helping your business thrive in the face of everyday risk.

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Covered Specialties

Business Insurance Now provides customized insurance coverage for the following photography and videography specialties:

  • Photographic studios
  • On-location portrait photographers
  • Commercial photographers
  • Videographers

We make it easy to secure specialized coverage to protect photography professionals from the risks they encounter on the job, providing immediate coverage from top-rated photography business insurance carriers.

Available Coverage

Errors & Omissions/Professional Liability

General Liability/Property/Business Owner's Policy

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Tips to Reduce Liability for Photographers and Videographers

  • Have a colleague ready to cover for you just in case circumstances beyond your control should cause you to miss an important shoot.
  • Prevent fires by having an electrician check your studio's wiring to ensure it's up to code and able to handle the addition of any new lighting or equipment.
  • Immediately after a shoot, back up duplicate copies of digital files to prevent accidental loss.
  • Store negatives or digital archives in a secure waterproof and fire-resistant vault or container.