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Working from home can help Americans avoid problems in the workplace


There are many reasons that would prompt members of the American workforce to want to work from home, and businesses need to take note of some of the wants of their employees. Recent research commissioned by Citrix found 64 percent of respondents who have never worked from home said they would sacrifice perks such as lunch breaks, alcohol and coffee to be able to work remotely just once per week.

Other staff members and bosses are proving to be some of the driving forces behind staff members wanting to work from home. The survey showed 49 percent of respondents said they work with a "know-it-all" and another 44 percent claim to have to associate with a "whiner" in a daily basis in the office, which can lead to higher stress levels. However, working from home could bring upon cyber liability concerns for firms that store business critical information on employee devices.  

"Enabling people to blend their professional and personal lives can boost morale as well as productivity," said Kim DeCarlis, vice president of corporate marketing at Citrix. "And there are plenty of tools and technologies today that empower people to do their jobs from any location. That's a win-win for companies and employees alike."

Working from home is a perk offered by many businesses, but it involves certain risks from a computer security standpoint. Because of this, it is important business managers protect themselves with cyber liability insurance to make sure computer hackers can't ruin their firm if a business' critical files are hacked outside the office.

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