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Why turning down work may actually be good for business


Though some start-ups have a mentality that more business is better, sometimes there is a point where a consultant can get overwhelmed, because they are unable to keep up with customer requests. When this happens, refocusing the business could make a difference, according to Entrepreneur Magazine.

The source spoke to 24-year-old Kris Ruby, who found herself in this situation when her Social Media Marketing business took off faster than expected. Ruby Media Group was able to build up a number of clients, but by September 2010, her clientele reached the point that she could no longer maintain.

"My schedule was incredibly tight, and I noticed it was getting out of hand when I was literally running from appointment to appointment to appointment with no break in between. Handling new leads became very challenging to follow up on by myself," Ruby told the source.

Once Ruby realized the workload had become unmanageable, she began to scale back her commitments by hiring interns and focusing her energy on her core clients. The source says she credits this restructuring with saving her business..

Restructuring may also be important for legal reasons. Overwhelmed consultants may be more likely to make errors, which could potentially land them in legal trouble. To avoid this happening, they may benefit from obtaining professional liability insurance, to offset any legal costs they incur as a result of a claim.  

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