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Understand the Risks, Rewards of BYOD Policies


Using employee-owned devices for business purposes is becoming a more established trend at many firms throughout the United States. Despite the convenience of bring-your-own-device policies, in some instances, it may be doing more harm than good.

According to a recent survey conducted by internet security provider Webroot, 82 percent of survey participants think mobile devices present a great security risk inside the corporate world, while 45 percent of companies report either experiencing loss or theft of a device in the last year.

Allowing employees to use their personal devices for business can be a serious detriment to a firm if smartphones, tablets or laptops become stolen or turn up misplaced. In order to protect a business, it is imperative to have a Cyber Liability Insurance policy in place in case a device becomes compromised or stolen.

Webroot’s chief officer of information security, Jacques Erasmus, noted that many cybercriminals are more frequently targeting employees specifically as a potential point of access to a company’s inner workings and valuable information. This greatly intensifies the need for improved security measures such as layered levels of defense and more refined controls in order to identify an attack and address it before it creates major damage.

Businesses Must Train Employees for BYOD

Understanding mobile threats helps companies fight the potential problems that can be caused due to problems with employee-owned devices. The survey reported that over half of companies feel that using employee-owned devices reduces worker productivity and interrupts business activities, while nearly 70 percent agree that managing mobile security challenges effectively presents a heavy burden for IT.

Erasmus also stated that with BYOD’s growing popularity in today’s workplace comes the need to supplement existing defenses with thorough yet simple management strategies. The changes to BYOD policies should include three important factors: policies covering device control, security at the device level and security training for employees who use mobile devices.

How Can Firms Reduce the Risks Caused by BYOD?

BYOD policies may simply be too convenient to pass up for some businesses, despite the security concerns. Webroot created a list of ways to help firms manage employee-owned devices cut down the problems caused by BYOD.

  • Ensure devices have the proper security measures.
  • Train employees of mobile device security practices.
  • Build a policy for how to use devices for work purposes.
  • Inform employees how to deal with cyber threats.

Beyond these simple best practices for dealing with mobile security in the age of BYOD, having a smart Cyber Liability Insurance policy can help protect your business from pitfalls that may result from BYOD.

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