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Time off is an issue at some firms


Vacation time is a hotly contested topic at many small businesses; however, a recent survey conducted by recruitment firm Adecco Staffing found 75 percent of employees have not taken all of the time allotted to them at their place of employment. This can lead to issues in the workplace that require firms to have small business insurance policies.

"It's interesting that many workers are not taking advantage of their available vacation days for the year yet are hungry for more time off," said Joyce Russell of Adecco Staffing.

Employees should not be afraid to take days
Many small-business owners expect a lot of their employees, and staff members work hard for at least 40 hours per week. This is especially true for younger employees, but they still feel guilty about taking off time from work. The research revealed 45 percent of employees 18 to 24 only get one week of paid time off at their jobs, and 36 percent said they feel as though they are being judged by their colleagues when they are taking their vacation time.

"Managers should encourage an environment that supports a work/life balance through time outside the office," said Russell. "By developing a plan to ensure that all business needs are being met in the workplace while co-workers are out, there's no reason that staff shouldn't be taking their days."

Vacation time can cause problems in the office
Taking time off is something that employees shouldn't feel bad about. It is simply unreasonable for employers and other staff members to expect employees to show up to work every single day. However, 29 percent of workers get upset when their co-workers take multiple long weekends. It's important for small business owners to remind staff that its perfectly acceptable to take advantage of vacation days.

"The important thing to remember is why we have vacation days in the first place - to give us time to relax, recharge, and enjoy our lives so that we can be even more productive and successful in our work," said Russell. "It ultimately gives us the work-life balance we all want and need."

Time off could lead to better productivity
Vacation time has been known to help employees feel rejuvenated on the job. In fact, an article for The New York Times discussed how when the seasons change it could be a good time to take some time away from the job. Some firms aren't as busy at the end of the year, which could be a great opportunity for a vacation.

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