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This Year’s Election Important to Small-Business Owners


The small business environment will pay a huge role in who will be the next president elect, especially in swings states: Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio, Virginia and Wisconsin. According to a recent survey conducted by small business community Manta, 68 percent of respondents believe the success of small firms is even more important in this year's election than four years ago.

Manta CEO Pamela Springer noted that owners of small businesses have been striving to be heard this election season, and it’s long overdue that candidates offer clear plans to deal with the problems that small businesses currently face: credit access, current tax policies and, of course, healthcare.

The success or failure of several small enterprises will certainly be decided by the next president, but failed investments and a wealth of other problems could also doom small businesses. With business insurance policies in place, small firm owners can feel safer about the futures of their enterprises.

Positive outlook after the election

After a rough couple of years for the economy and the small business environment, the survey found 67 percent of respondents are optimistic for the post-election economic outlook, which is an increase of 14 percent since January.

Specialty dry erase board company ThoughtOnBoard rep Anne Landman noted that many of us have had to swim upstream over the course of the past few difficult years, Americans are more than ready for the situation to improve.

Thoughts of a small business owner

Many small business owners feel the same way approaching this year's presidential election - the economy and jobs are the most important. In a recent interview with BusinessNewsDaily, Sam Caucci, founder of sports sales training and advisory team Sales Huddle Group, shared his opinion of how small business owners will approach this year's election.

Caucci stated that he believes strongly that fixing both the jobs quandary and the economy as a whole relies on focusing on solutions that empower small businesses to grow and drive new revenue. This is impossible without an environment that is hospitable to new strategies and best practices for American small businesses.

With small business owners needing the economy to turnaround to begin to set off their growth strategies, Caucci told the website how he believes the president elect has the opportunity to help improve the economy. He said the president may hold the ability to directly impact the economic process more than any other individual.

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