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Technology helps small restaurants improve processes


The days are over when family-owned restaurants could do everything by hand, without relying on technology to improve some processes and make their restaurants more efficient. New innovations make it easier for families to manage their restaurants and improve customer service. Below are a list of technologies owners of small restaurants can use to keep up with their larger competitors.

LED alert systems  
Family-owned restaurants after often understaffed with a few people in a busy kitchen. In order to make sure everything gets done in the kitchen, smaller restaurants can use LED alters systems. These solutions can illuminate areas of the kitchen that need to be attended to. Dishes that are ready to be removed from the dishwasher or a deep fryer that should turned off are lit up with LED lights to remind busy kitchen staff to pay attention to these tasks. Silent alerts are also preferred over louder reminders that can be heard by paying customers throughout the restaurant.

Tablets for restaurant management
The advent of iPads and similar devices is making it easier for smaller restaurants to keep track of important processes and procedures. These devices can allows cooks to see recipes, track which tables are available for customers to sit, orders that are made and food that is ready to be sent to tables. Real-time access to all this information gives managers of small restaurants the ability to stay on top of everything with the use of just one device. 

Touchscreen vending machines
Family-owned restaurants that offer cafeteria-style seating and that allow customers to fill their own drinks should consider using Coca Cola's Freestyle soda fountain. The soda dispenser gives customers the ability to create more than 100 different beverages from one machine. If the funds are available, it may be a worthy investment to purchase this vending machine because they often spark curiosity among customers and increase the chances they buy a beverage while dining at the restaurant.

These investments in technology can help family-owned restaurants stay competitive in the marketplace against chain restaurants with multiple franchises. Many of these innovations are very expensive, and would be a devastating loss if they were broken or stolen. By purchasing property insurance policies, restaurants are able to seek protection for their technology that allow them to be more efficient.

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