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Staff members want employee purchase programs for education


There have been tales of small-business owners adding things such as a workout room, video games and even a place to nap to make the workplace more enjoyable. Investing in general liability insurance can protect firm owners in case anything goes wrong in the office, allowing them to be a little more adventurous in their employee retention efforts.

However, not all employee perks come in the form of upgrades to the workplace. Many small-business owners are finding their staff would like to be rewarded with opportunities to further their education. Recent research conducted on behalf of specialty e-retailer Purchasing Power showed 53 percent of full-time workers and their spouses said they would be interested in educational services for themselves or their family if they were available through an employee purchase program.

"Empowering employees with education benefits can be a valuable addition to the benefits package," said Richard Carrano, president and CEO of Purchasing Power.

This could be the boost employees need
Many members of the workforce wish they could further their education, but are forced to pursue their career for one reason or another. Employee purchase programs can lessen the costs of earning a college degree and allow employees to earn the skills necessary to start their own business or add more to the current firm they work for.

"Many employers currently provide some form of tuition assistance, but now they can offer a variety of learning options for employees and their families as a voluntary benefit, without further burdening their benefits budget," said Carrano. "Non-traditional voluntary benefits like these are becoming increasingly popular with employees because they address employees' real-world lifestyles and financial needs."

Employee perks are always welcome
Small-business owners may often forget employees are people, and they enjoy when their boss gives them some freedom, both in and out of the office. Small Business Trends outlined a list of other benefits members of the workforce may enjoy. These include:

  • Creating a flexible work schedule for all staff members
  • Giving employees the option to take their shoes off in the office
  • Celebrating successes at the firm with a party or simple round of applause
  • Hiring a masseuse to relieve stress
  • Offering fitness classes

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