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Small businesses need to have a solid content marketing strategy


There are many avenues of promotion beneficial to small businesses, but content marketing has gained much attention lately for the success companies have found from it. And while this term gets tossed around a great deal, not all small businesses are fully aware of what it entails, according to Forbes. However, understanding content marketing and having a strong strategy in place for its implementation can generate much growth for a small business.

Content marketing
Simply putting information about a company or brand into the social media world is not the right approach. If a small business wants to gain attention, especially in a world dominated by digital distractions, it needs to focus its marketing strategies. This is how content marketing works. According to the Content Marketing Institute, this type of promotion is not only generating specific, consistent content, but directed at a proper, defined audience as well. If a small business creates a message, even if the message is attractive and witty, it will do no good being seen by the wrong audience.

The right audience
One of the most common mistakes made by small businesses is not in terms of content, but in terms of audience, noted Forbes. Setting up a Facebook page and a blog on a new website is great, but if the tone is wrong, or it is not directed at the right consumers, then it is useless information just being sent out for someone to hopefully find. This doesn't mean a potential customer will never see it, and maybe they will even respond to it, but it is not an efficient use of the company's time.

When creating content, a small business should not only establish a consistent voice, but also monitor how messages are being received. Using analytical tools to see what content is making the biggest impression is crucial. And thanks to modern tools, this is a simple task. Once a small business sees what type of content is making a connection with the audience, the company should hone in on that voice and continue to push it forward. This audience is going to come to rely on this voice and message from the company, so the business should continue with this strategy.

Not enough effort
According to Entrepreneur, content marketing is a vital aspect of a company's public image. However, a mistake companies often make is simply having an intern or part-time employee tending to this role. Social media and content marketing should be entwined, as well as play an integral role in the office. A small business should dedicate resources to this faction of the company, not merely fit it in when there is time.

Now is the time
If a small business isn't utilizing content marketing, it is time to turn that around. This trend is growing quickly and while it is still a relatively new concept, small businesses should be taking advantage. According to a recent survey by SkilledUp, the growing interest in content marketers has created a gap, as demand is stronger than supply.

Additionally, of those marketing professionals involved in the survey, 94 percent felt content marketing is a critical aspect to a company's business strategy. Another 50 percent noted the companies they work for are increasing spending for content marketers in 2015.

"Content marketing makes a direct impact on the bottom line with 88 percent of respondents saying that content marketing drives sales, 83 percent saying it grows customer referrals and 75 percent saying it builds a loyal customer base," said Nick Gidwani, president of SkilledUp.

Now is the time for small businesses to incorporate content marketing strategies and reach as many customers as possible.

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