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Small businesses must learn the power of mobile ads


Smartphones can be found in the hands, pockets and purses of nearly every American these days. Understanding how important mobile devices are to Americans is beneficial for businesses that want to begin using mobile advertising to grow their customer base. A recent article for Entrepreneur magazine offered some tips of how to begin a mobile advertising campaign.

Establish the customer base
Mobile advertisements are designed to reach out to a wide range of customers throughout many major metropolitan areas across the United States and help customers to learn more about the products and/or services offered by a business. After finding out which customers will be most interested in a company's offerings, firms should design their mobile ads to catch the eye of consumers to bring in the most new business possible.

Turn mobile ads into potential business opportunities
When the small business has targeted who  it wants to attract with its mobile ads, it is time to create a place where the consumers can be sent after clicking on the ad. A mobile landing page is the site people who interact with the ads will go to. It's important to create this site to be optimized for mobile devices to make it easy for customers to read all of the content on the site. On the landing page, give customers an opportunity to learn more about a brand and purchase products and/or services.

Track conversions and customer interactions
The purpose of mobile ads is to turn interested mobile users into customers and drive more traffic to the website of a small business. Every interaction that a potential customer has with mobile ads should be tracked. Whether it is keeping track of page views of a mobile site, ecommerce transactions or emails that stem from viewing a mobile ad, small business owners should be sure to keep these number and adjust their mobile ads when they see fit.

Provide a secure environment
Many Americans shy away from mobile ads because they don't want to click on an ad containing a virus that can potentially lead to their phone being hacked. Not only should small business owners secure the links from their ads, they also could benefit from investing in cyberliability insurance policies that will help them with legal troubles resulting from hacking incidents related to their mobile ads.

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