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Small businesses increasingly relying on technology


Small-business owners need to seek protection from any of the potential problems that can occur in the workplace. Cyberliability insurance policies can help firms feel safe from computer hackers, while small business insurance gives companies the opportunity to remain in control of any litigation that can occur with current or past employees.

Technology plays a huge role for small firms
Businesses rely on staff to carry out several processes in the workplace. However, a recent survey from Brother International revealed three-quarters of small-business owners said a crashed computer can be more devastating than an employee taking a sick, while 31 percent of respondents said they would sacrifice a week of vacation to guarantee that none of their workplace technology fails. As much as small-business owners value their team, the success of the company can rely just as much on the technology deployed by each staff member.

"This year's small business survey found that technology is just as important as a healthy workforce," said John Wandishin, vice president of marketing for Brother. "The results emphasize the importance of delivering reliable and easy-to-use products to promote a productive working environment."

The cloud is an innovation many companies have taken advantage of recent years, but the survey found several businesses have yet to capitalize on the technology. According to the survey, just 28 percent of small-business owners said they truly know what the cloud is, while 42 percent admitted to only using the solution for data storage. By taking advantage of the cloud, small-business owners can improve communication throughout the entire organization, as well as increase collaboration on difficult projects.

Small-business owners feel good about the future
The economy has bogged down the growth of small business in recent years, but the research revealed things are beginning to turn around. Twenty-four percent of respondents said their stress levels are less than they were in the previous years, while 48 percent are working on ways to collect cash for new investments. With better prospects for the coming year, small-business owners are ready to pour more funds into their firms.

"While running a small business is still tough in this slow economic recovery, I'm seeing that small-business owners are more optimistic about the future," said entrepreneur Gene Marks.

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