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Small-business owners must get over their hesitance about


Small-business owners may want to consider cyberliability insurance policies to allow themselves to breath easier when they give their teams  access to the cloud, mobile devices and virtualization. However, a new study commissioned by cloud provider Mozy revealed 37 percent of workplace projects have been stopped by leadership because of fear. More specifically, 57 percent of IT professionals believe their firm owners are scared of using new technology.

"A little healthy skepticism about activities that could be hazardous and a desire to not make errors is good sense, but when that becomes an inhibiting fear or a dogged refusal to embrace new things in spite of good evidence for adopting change, then it becomes an issue," said Gytis Barzdukas, senior director of product management at Mozy.

IT leaders are being too strict
Many of today's workforce rely on technological innovations to help them be more successful in their roles, and instead of being scared of the productivity-boosters, small-business owners should build up their security layers to ensure hackers and cybercriminals cannot easily infiltrate their virtual infrastructure. The research showed 52 percent of respondents said they have not been able to properly complete their job because of limitations from IT leaders, which is something that should simply not be an issue in the workplace.

"Through their own admission and definition, a full 84 percent of employees are already bringing their own irrational fears to the workplace; they need direction from those who understand technology and business to encourage them out of their shells – not to stifle them with their own fears," said Barzdukas.

Firms are being held back
The small-business owners who are hesitant to embrace new technology are often the ones that will see the success of their company begin to slip away. Just because the firm was a little late on adopting recent innovations doesn't mean it should give up. In fact, an article for Small Business Trends stated technology is nearly essential in in today's marketplace and it's important to use the solutions that will be beneficial to the company.

One solid strategy suggested by the website that small-business owners may be able to use is hiring someone to be in charge of technology implementation. Not only will this person be an expert in the field, but he or she will also be able to teach employees how to use the new solutions.

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