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Small-business owners must capitalize on mobile buyers


Taking advantage of the potential of e-commerce is important to small-business owners who see high sales numbers from customers using their smartphones and tablets to complete transactions. However, before launching an online site, it's important to have a strong cyberliability insurance policy to ensure the firm is safe from hackers and customer information is secure in the event of a data breach.

Small-business owners must act fast to begin capitalizing on the growing number of consumers who shop on their mobile devices. According to recent estimates from eMarketer, 63 percent of tablet users will make a purchase on their device in 2013, while 39 percent of smartphone owners are expected to carry out transactions on their gadget. Optimizing brand website for mobile users needs to be a higher priority for small-business leaders if they want to see higher sales numbers through their online channels.

Build an e-commerce site consumers will enjoy
Preparing the company website for mobile consumers is just the first step in growing the firm's customer base. The next thing small-business owners have to do is create an e-commerce site that will keep customers coming back to it again and again. Here is some insight from Practical eCommerce about some of the common mistakes businesses make when building e-commerce sites: 

  • There is no way to reach the company: Failing to put contact information on the company website will make it hard to reach the firm when customer services is needed.
  • The search bar is missing: Businesses that have an integrated suite of products need to have a search function that customers can use to find the items they want to purchase.
  • Customers have to log in: Many consumers don't want to waste time creating a username and password. They want a quick way to place orders.

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