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Security cameras can help businesses protect their property


Businesses never know when they might fall a victim to a robbery, which is why the Times Record News, a daily newspaper based in Wichita Falls, Texas, stresses the importance of installing security cameras.

The paper says security cameras can provide an account of what happens during these events, and can also protect a business' possessions by deterring criminals. Another way businesses can have their materials covered in case of theft is by purchasing property insurance.

"It's extremely important because there are some cases where that piece of evidence is all we have to go on," Wichita Falls Police Officer Tim Johnson told the paper. "We then can use that piece of evidence to reach out to the community, like through Crime Stoppers, or other officers on that beat to try an identify the suspect."

Those businesses that have invested in security cameras should regularly test them to make sure they are functioning properly. According to The Associated Press, Hawaii's Senate Public Safety Committee plans to install new surveillance cameras at the state's Capitol, where many currently installed cameras are not operable..

The AP said 64 of the cameras at the building are broken and need to be replaced, as well as the system's computers and monitors.

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