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Proper security needed to deal with long list of cyber risks


Corporate email systems, "bring your own device" policies and social media streams are making it easier than ever for cybercriminals to infiltrate the infrastructure of businesses of any size, but the cost of a data breach can be especially debilitating to small firms.

Understanding the potential of advanced threats and the increased focus on processes such as online banking, cloud data storage and other digital processes, business research and consulting firm Frost & Sullivan suggested some practices small-business owners can use to make sure their companies have a lesser chance of being subject to growing number of cyberattacks lurking on the internet.   

"What organizations need to understand is that cybercriminals are changing their attack plan," said Ben Ramirez, an industry analyst at Frost & Sullivan. "The target is on domain controllers that are essentially the master vault key for the entire enterprise that grants access to confidential assets." 

Use trusted applications
Improved security precautions are something that all small business owners need to focus on due to the amount of stealth attacks on some of the most basic security software and programs, but defending against these threats can start with using applications from trusted sources that are password-enabled. 

"Once they are able to infiltrate and extract the enterprise credentials from the domain controllers, they are able to navigate the network freely while stealing IP data under the enterprise's radar," said Ramirez.

Rethink security strategies
Many of today's security solutions are outdated and aren't constructed to deal with stealthy, calculated attacks by some of the world's most experienced hackers. Keeping this in mind, small business owners need to be sure that their security precautions are fit to combat even the most complicated attacks, and in many instances, that requires investing in Bit9's Trust-based Security Solution.

"Even more concerning is the speed and methodology attackers implement in these advanced attacks, which allows them to bypass traditional detection systems for long periods of time," said Ramirez.

Even the most advanced security platforms can be subject to cyberthreats, which stresses the importance of having a cyberliability insurance policy. With this protection in hand, small-business owners won't have to worry about the debilitating cost of cybercrimes.

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