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Philanthropic efforts should be important to small businesses


Small-business owners want to have a happy workforce, and would prefer that all of their employees truly enjoy working at the company. While this isn't going to happen all of time, having a displeased staff is one reason to invest in business insurance policies. However, one way that owners at smaller companies may be able to endear themselves to their team is giving them a few chances per year to volunteer instead of coming into the office.

It has been proven that giving employees the opportunity to give back to the less fortunate can have a positive impact of their performance. New research from health and wellbeing company UnitedHealth Group demonstrated just more than three-quarters of U.S. adults who are given the chance to volunteer report feeling healthier, and {missing word -"enjoy"?} the ability to develop a deeper connection to members of their community and other citizens.

"The business community, the health sector, individuals and families all have a stake in building a healthier future for our nation, and that begins with improving our communities' health in ways that are sustainable and affordable," said Dr. Carol Simon, director of the health care analytics firm Optum Institute.

Volunteering improves employee health
Small-business owners know just how draining the daily grind can be, and how much good even one day away from the office can do for their mental health. According to the research, 78 percent of the more than 3,300 U.S adults who took part in the study stated they have lower stress levels when volunteering,  while others found that they are more conscious of their health.

"Volunteering builds health outside traditional clinical settings by engaging people in activities that strengthen communities and personal health at the same time - a win-win for everyone," said Simon.

Make philanthropy part of the business
Giving back to the community doesn't have to be some big issue that firms are constantly talking about, but small-business owners should make sure their firm is able to take part in some type of philanthropy a few times per year. An article for USA Today said it's important to partner with nonprofits that members of the firm can really support. Small-business owners who ask themselves the question, "Does the idea click for the business right away?" and who find the answer is "yes," may have found the organization they will want to work with.

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