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Olders workers show more initiative in the workplace


Far too many business owners concern themselves with the age of their employees, believing many may wear down in their 50s, but according to recent research conducted at the University of Haifa in Israel, professionals 50 and older have shown the highest levels of professional vitality.

“The advantages and disadvantages of taking on mature employees have been widely debated over the past few years," wrote Dr. Shmuel Grimland, Professor Yehuda Baruch and Professor Eran Vigoda-Gadot, who conducted the study. "This new study now shows that in terms of vitality, advancing age plays a significant role."

Older adults who have management roles within their businesses have proven to have higher levels of success, while also achieving a strong work life balance, according to the research.

With more workplace vitality, professionals older than the age of 50 have the mental capacity to take on multiple projects at once and balance management capabilities with their commitment to the workplace.

Despite the success the professionals 50 and older have achieved in the workplace, sometimes their jobs don't work out. By purchasing business insurance policies, firms can protect themselves from potential lawsuits and firing employees.

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