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Mobile transformations make firms adjust


Customer satisfaction is something small-business owners must pay attention to more than ever before as competition in today's marketplace continues to grow. With shopping on smartphones and tablets becoming more popular, firms are building ecommerce sites optimized for mobile users, allowing them to shop from anywhere with a digital gadget. However, when giving customers the ability to purchase products over the internet, small-business owners must protect personal information with a cyberliability insurance policy.

Recent research referenced by eMarketer revealed now is the time to strike for small businesses that want to build out their mobile presence. The Unity Marketing report showed 38 percent of affluent respondents are mobile shoppers, while 51 percent use their smartphones and tablets to research products and services offered by companies.

Convenience is key
One of the main draws of ecommerce sites is the ability to buy products and/or services from the comfort of one's home or anywhere with an internet connection. According to eMarketer, affluent shoppers are worried about convenience more than ever, and if they can have just as easy of a time buying items from a company's mobile site as they do in their physical store, they are going to opt for the easier solution. Brick-and-mortar stores have to find a way to combat the convenience mobile shopping brings to the table.

Mobile sites need a streamline design
Many small-business owners think having a web presence is enough, when, in fact, they must now take it a step further. Having a website optimized for mobile is imperative for small firms that want to cater to all of the needs of their customer base. According to The New York Times, firms need to be prepared to change their sites to make them more effective for mobile shoppers.

For example, book seller Alibris revealed the company had to make a lot of changes to its sites to make mobile shopping clean and easy. 

"When you transform a giant PC screen onto a little device, you have to decide what not to bring along," Jeanie Bunker, general manager of Alibris Retail, told the newspaper. "So we basically stripped out all the things we thought were not relevant to the mobile user."

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