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Mobile strategies can improve customer loyalty


Any time small-business owners embrace some type of digital solution to improve their customer service, it's always a smart idea to invest in cyberliability insurance to ensure their clients have an added layer of protection in case any data is lost. One of the most recent trends is firms exploring the use of mobile strategies to generate more interest in the brand and increase customer loyalty.

New research conducted by EPiServer at the Internet Retailer Conference & Exhibition found 46 percent of attendees already are creating engagement opportunities with smartphone and tablet owners, while 74 percent want to add to their use of digital strategies with mobile devices in the upcoming year. However, only 8 percent are trying out efforts to get customers to buy products on their handheld gadgets.

"As e-commerce powerhouses like Amazon and eBay make it increasingly difficult to compete on price, retailers are using mobile as a way to differentiate themselves through convenience and brand loyalty," said said Bob Egner, vice president of product management at EPiServer. "We see that retailers are still not completely sold on the return on investment of a mobile strategy that focuses on mobile transactions."

Businesses can increase loyalty through mobile
It has been well-documented that some of the most successful small-business owners are the ones that personalize their offerings for their customers, and 46 percent of the more than 100 organizations that participated in the research would agree, as they said their mobile strategy is created purely to improve client loyalty and customization. Firm owners who are able to master mobile strategies will be able to capitalize on a growing customer segment.

"Furthermore, retailers are realizing a higher return and an increase in repeat business when they provide their customers with a positive experience that fosters loyalty and convenience, rather than when they build out a complex transaction model," said Egner.

Embracing mobile is a priority
Consumers are using their tablets and smartphones more than ever, and are taking advantage of their handheld devices to research companies and get better ideas of the capabilities of products without having to find a computer. This explains why Inc. magazine stresses the importance of creating a site that is optimized for smartphone and tablet users. Consumers can be easily turned off from a company that has a website that is hard to view from their mobile gadgets.

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