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Mobile devices, apps becoming important for small firms


Smartphone, tablets and other mobile device usage has shot up in recent years as small-business owners opt to employ a mobile workforce and carry out more processes on-the-go. This increased reliance on gadgets is causing more firms to purchase cyberliability insurance polices to keep company information safe from computer hackers and a potential data breach.

According to the recent AT&T Small Business Technology Poll, nearly all small-business owners use some sort of mobile devices; 56 percent use smartphones with 4G capabilities and 69 percent of respondents said they use tablets. With a large majority of small firms taking advantage of the potential of gadgets, companies see a more productive, efficient workforce. 

"For small businesses today, wireless solutions have become part of their DNA," said Cathy Martine, executive vice president of small business solutions.

Mobile applications improving processes at firms
Smartphone and tablet use in the workplace gives small-business owners the opportunity to take advantage of powerful applications that can automate processes and make their day-to-day operations much easier. The poll revealed 31 percent of small firms are using mobile apps and a little less than half said without these applications, their company would have a difficult time staying on its feet. 

Small-business owners are using apps that cater to staff needs and the functions carried out by the firm. The study showed 74 percent of respondents use solutions for GPA navigation and mapping, while 32 percent take advantage of social media applications and 30 percent utilize mobile payment apps.

Small-business owners can run their company from a smartphone
The days of enterprise leaders needing to be in the office all the time to be as productive as possible are coming to an end. A recently created infographic from shared some apps small-business owners can use to manage their firm remotely from their mobile devices.

  • Quickbooks: Gives small-business owners the ability to manage finances, as well as provide quotes to interested clients.
  • Dropbox: Stores photos, documents and videos in the cloud and gives all firm members the ability to access them.
  • Skype: Sometimes video conferencing and phone calls need to go on when small-business owners are out of the office, and with Skype, companies can make affordable domestic and international calls. 

Small firms benefit from considering how apps can help streamline processes.

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