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Managing Apps Critical to the Success of Small Businesses


Owners of small firms embracing the power of business applications recognize the potential of these solutions and what they can do to drive productivity and efficiency within their enterprise. But despite the benefits these business apps can bring to firms, small business owners must be sure they are able to manage all of their apps and keep their IT infrastructure under control.

According to a recent study produced for Quest Software, an "application bloat" - when firms use too many applications, which can lead to large amounts of wasted money - is becoming a more prevalent problem among businesses of all sizes.

What can happen from application bloat?

The last thing small business owners want to deal with is slowed, crashed or responsive apps that can cause their firm to leak money that they worked so hard to accumulate. However, over half of survey participants said that is just the case. In fact, 31 percent said they have lost tens of thousands of dollars from an application bloat.

General manager and VP for Quest Software’s app performance monitoring department John Newsom noted that the survey results reveal a great need for IT professionals to get a firm handle on application bloat and be careful when deciding whether or not to add new applications. Without doing this, apps may hurt businesses more than they help them.

Application bloat often causes small business owners to reconsider their use of apps to get things done within their operations. In the event that an app fails and causes an enterprise to lose a lot of money, it may be wise to have a small business insurance policy to protect against any litigation that can stem from the loss of important files and documents.

Apps important to a firm's operations

While applications can cause several problems within a firm's IT infrastructure, they are critical to how a business get things done. Managing these apps should be a high priority within an enterprise. The survey shows 58 percent of respondents say the performance of applications has a major impact on the productivity of their business.

Newson also stated that if apps are kept well in check, revenue losses because of lower productivity, lost sales and transactions, and other lost opportunities can be largely avoided.

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