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Make it easy for new hires to join the team


Small business owners who are ready to bring on new staff members need to take into consideration how tough it is to start a new job. A recent survey by staffing firm Accountemps sheds some light on the top challenges that many professionals face when they begin working at with a new employer.

According to the survey, when workers and managers were asked, "Which of the following is the greatest challenge when starting a new job?" Forty-four percent of workers and 60 percent of managers answered "learning new processes and procedures."

"The first few days and weeks on a job can be both exciting and overwhelming as new hires familiarize themselves with the company's work environment and policies, including any unwritten rules," said Max Messmer, chairman of Accountemps. "Taking full advantage of orientation events and opportunities to meet and interact with colleagues can help smooth the transition."

Provide training for new hires
Many small business owners are too busy to help get their new employees adjusted to their roles, but by providing recent hires with some form of training, they may be able to avoid some of the common pitfalls for staff when they are beginning their new roles. The survey found 17 percent of workers and 12 percent of managers believe "learning how to use new technology and tools" is their biggest problem when starting a new job.

"Most companies provide training so employees can get up to speed on formal procedures," said Messmer. "However, it's often more challenging to learn the cultural nuances of the firm, including how people prefer to communicate and collaborate."

Use successful onboarding strategies
Depending on the resources at hand and the firm's budget, small business owners need to do all they can to provide their new hires with an onboarding program that can make their transition to their new jobs as easy as possible. Forbes reported on a survey from Sales Architects, which outlined some of the best practices for treating recent hires.

These strategies include providing a mentor or in-person training, creating a "first day program" that gets new employees up to speed and requiring staff to pass a test before becoming part of the team.

While these practices can help new employees get acclimated, small firm owners must have the necessary business insurance policies in place in case things don't work out with recent hires. Having these protections will allow small business owners to fight any legal troubles they may have with employees that are let go.

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