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Keep computers working at top speed


As smartphone and tablets are taking the onus off computers for getting things done in the office and at home, many small-business owners are still relying on laptops and PCs to be a huge part of their supply chain. According to recent research commissioned by computer memory solutions provider, 53 percent of respondents said they would like their computer programs to run faster, while 43 percent want their machines to start up more quickly.

Can a memory upgrade be all a computer needs?
Slow computers can make it difficult for small-business owners and their teams to get anything done in the office, while several phone calls troubleshooting with the computer company can take away time spent in the office. The survey found 29 percent of respondents would want more storage space on their machines, and this may be a simple solution to a big problem at many firms.

"Often times, all it takes to get a computer back up to speed and resolve performance issues is a simple do-it-yourself memory upgrade," said Roddy McLean, marketing director at "It might just be the easiest and most rewarding New Year’s resolution consumers will ever make."

Crawling operating systems aren't the only problem computer users are facing. The research revealed 35 percent of respondents said they want a longer battery life, 24 percent want a computer that stay cool when it is in use and 18 percent are coveting a lighter machine.

"Simply put, a memory upgrade will make a computer operate more efficiently, which in turn will prolong battery life, reduce operating temperatures and in the case of solid-state drives, even help reduce the weight of the computer," added McLean.

What else can small-business owners do to protect their computers?
Having fast, high-quality computers can give small-business owners an added layer of efficiency at their firms. A recent article for Network outlined some other ways owners at small firms are improving the quality of their machines.

•Back up all data, possibly in the cloud
•Be aware of suspicious downloads
•Regularly clean the PC or laptop

These tips are just a few ways to keep computers working as glitch-free as possible. However, it's always smart to have property insurance to protect computers in case they are damaged at no negligence of the firm owner.

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