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Job applicants often have hard feelings when rejected


Small-business owners will likely receive fewer applications for their open job postings than their larger competitors, allowing them to respond to candidates about whether they want to follow up with an interview, or if they aren't cut out to work for the firm. Simply corresponding with applicants is just one of many ways owners at small firms save relationships with members of the workforce that might have otherwise been ruined with how they were treated by the company. 

A recent CareerBuilder study demonstrated 82 percent of candidates expect to hear back from a company about a job regardless of their response, while roughly one-third said they would be less inclined to purchase products or services from a company that ignored their application.

Don't fall victim to a poor applicant experience
Many small firms have business insurance policies to manage issues with candidates, but no defense from the wrath of applicants who were not selected for a job. More than one-quarter of the workforce admitted to have had a negative interaction with a brand. Sixty percent of such respondents said they didn't hear from the company after the interview, 43 percent complained that the job they were interviewing for didn't match its description and 30 percent thought he company rep who interviewed them wasn't very knowledgeable. Avoiding these errors can make rejecting a prospect for a job much less bothersome in the future.

"From the second job seekers are viewing your job ad and applying to your company, they are forming an opinion of who you are as an employer and as a business," said Sanja Licina, senior director of talent intelligence at CareerBuilder.

Bad experiences can hurt the brand
Applicants who feel they were wronged by a company will often try to seek revenge in some fashion. According to the study, 22 percent of those who have had a bad applicant experience said they will tell friends, family and colleagues to not work there, while 9 percent will go so far as to instruct people to not buy products and/or services from the company.

"One bad applicant experience can have a ripple effect with candidates not only vocalizing their dissatisfaction with how they were treated, but encouraging others not to apply or even buy products from that company," said Licina. "It's so critical that your employment brand effectively carries through at every touch point with candidates."

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