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Entry-level employees need to change their behaviors in the workplace


Many recent college graduates are landing jobs right after they leave school and are beginning to form their reputations quickly. Small company owners who hire young employees must have business insurance policies for protection in case they don't like they way their workforce conducting themselves in the office. A new report from the Center for Professional Excellence at York College of Pennsylvania showed recent college graduates are abusing technology in the workplace and causing their older predecessors to form negative opinions about them and their work ethic.

Young employees using too much technology
When finding a job, employees are expected to work as hard as they can to identify their niche within the business. However, small-business owners are not seeing this ring true. The report showed 74 percent of human resource professionals are stated entry-level workers are text messaging during inappropriate times in the office,  66 percent see these employees using the internet for the wrong purposes and 65 percent said entry-level hires are logging on to sites like Twitter and Facebook before getting all of their tasks done. Small-business owners can't afford to pay their younger staff to sit at their desk and not perform.

"It is time for employees to wean themselves from the addiction of constantly having to be in contact with others via technology," the report stated. "Twittering or checking Facebook are activities that do not belong on the job."

Unprofessionalism becoming a common trend
While roughly half of employees take advantage of their company's technological resources, another issue entry-level employees face is a lack of professionalism. The research revealed roughly four out of five respondents believe workers become unfocused and entitled because they have access to IT at their desks. By creating restrictions on internet access and forming regulations for technology use, small-business owners can get the most out of their staffs by ensuring they won't be distracted by social networks, smartphones and other technologies that are unrelated to their responsibilities.

"Acceptable behavior among peers is not necessarily acceptable among coworkers and superiors," Deborah Ricker, who oversees the Center for Professional Excellence, told The Wall Street Journal.

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