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Entrepreneurship comes with optimism, stress


A recent Gallup poll revealed that many entrepreneurs face different challenges and worries than other workers, and that could be directly related to the distinct challenges of running a business. The survey data indicated that entrepreneurs are more optimistic about the future than other employed adults. While 30 percent of entrepreneurs felt they would have achieved their "best possible life" in five years, only 25 percent of other workers said the same.

This optimism could have something to do with the enjoyment entrepreneurs get from their careers. The survey found 71 percent of entrepreneurs reported learning or doing something of interest the previous day, while only 66 percent of other workers said the same. Similarly, 89 percent of entrepreneurs reported experiencing enjoyment "yesterday," and only 86 percent of other employees claimed they had done the same. This could be due to the fact that entrepreneurs have the opportunity to solve problems that are of interest to them and often are working in fields they have a strong interest in or greatly enjoy.

Worries can come with entrepreneurship
However, being an entrepreneur is not without its challenges. The Gallup poll also found that entrepreneurs have higher levels of stress than ordinary workers. Forty-five percent of entrepreneurs reported feeling stress "yesterday" compared with only 42 percent of the rest of the workforce. Keeping up with that trend, 34 percent of entrepreneurs reported experiencing worry "yesterday," while only 30 percent of other workers claimed the same.

The increased worry and stress that come with being an entrepreneur could be due to a variety of factors. Business owners often face a variety of financial challenges and work long hours to ensure their businesses are successful in the local market, which could result in added levels of stress. Worries about the struggling economy could also be contributing to some of these increased stress levels.

Other entrepreneurs could be concerned because they feel their businesses are not established enough to obtain business insurance. However, many small businesses can still obtain the insurance necessary to reduce any risks and relieve some of the stresses that come with entrepreneurship. Investing in small business insurance has the potential to result in significant stress reduction in entrepreneurs concerned about the future of their companies and their current lack of coverage.

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