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Employees happiness must be a focus of small-business owners


Small-business owners need to realize that all of their employees likely had other dreams and professional aspirations that deviated from their current position at the firm before deciding to pursue a career at their firm. In fact, 79 percent of Americans admit they are in jobs that do not reflect their true career passions, and 83 percent would seize the chance to work at their ideal company if given the opportunity, according to a recent poll created by the USA Network.

While it's important for small firm owners to have business insurance policies in place to protect against rogue staff members, it's also important to remember career changes are part of the nature of the small-business world.

Many factors are holding Americans back
The research revealed more than half of respondents are afraid to switch careers and 42 percent said financial obligations to their family are holding them back from pursuing their dream job. Furthermore, 80 percent of Americans have thought about leaving their jobs to seek other work. Small-business owners need to take these result into account if they want to retain top talent. By providing a competitive salary, and several on-the-job perks, small companies have a better chance of making employees happier.

"These findings reflect that many Americans feel trapped in their jobs," said Kurt Warner, former NFL quarterback. "As someone who went from working in a grocery store to ultimately becoming an NFL quarterback, I encourage everybody to follow their dreams.  The key to being happy in your job – and life – is to find your passion and live it.  It's never too late to rewrite your life story."

How to make employees the happiest
While staff members may not view their position as their dream job, there are still some things employers can do to ensure that all of their employees are happy. Here are some tips from Fast Company to ensure workforce members feel good about what they do.

  • Give employees the opportunity to make a difference in their positions
  • Provide staff members with the chance to move up and take on new responsibilities
  • Focus on allowing the workforce to achieve a strong work/life balance
  • Create opportunities that promote staff wellness and health
  • Acknowledge employees when they have completed and excelled at a tough assignment

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