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Don’t Let Telecommuters Get Consumed by Work


Stressing the importance of a work-life balance is important for all small-business owners who need to make sure their employees are satisfied in their current positions. However, employers who are allowing their staff to work from home are finding that they are working longer hours than those who go to the workplace, according to recent research conducted at the University of Texas.

Telecommuters Adding More Hours

Many traditional firm owners require their staff to be in the office roughly 40 hours per week, but with advancements in technology adding more flexibility to the workforce, telecommuters are working five to seven more hours than those who go into the office every day. Small-business owners must be sure their employees aren't feeling overworked despite their ability to work from where they please.

Jennifer Glass, who is a professor for the Dept. of Sociology and Population Research Center, noted that it can be helpful to carefully monitor the increasingly blurred boundary between home time and work time for many professions in order to understand how “normal” work hours have expanded for many, especially salaried workers.

Remaining Effective When Working out of the Office

Small-business owners who give their employees the ability to work from home need to develop a set of policies their employees must follow that are backed up by business insurance. These policies can make it easier for small-business owners to monitor their staff and ensure they are remaining productive. Here are a few tips from Business Insider that enterprise owners can relay to their workforce about how to stay productive when working remotely.

  • Have a work space set aside: While it may be quite attractive to sit in the family room and watch TV while working, that is not the best way to get things done. Employees must have a place in their home where they are away from distractions and they can focus on work.
  • Create a list of daily tasks: Being outside the office makes it easier to forget about assignments and projects that need to be completed. Writing out a "to-do" list can make it easier to stay on top of tasks.
  • Set a time to sign off: Too many employees allow themselves to get wrapped up in their work and continue to work past their hourly limit. Defining a time when work ends will make working from home that much easier.

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