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Don't let emails ruin vacations


Many entrepreneurs invest in small business insurance to add a layer of protection to their enterprise. However, there is often no way small-business owners can remain safe from their inbox after they return from vacation.

"Depending on your industry and connections, it's not unusual to return from a vacation to find several hundred emails waiting for you," David Troy, CEO of technology firm 410Labs, told Entrepreneur magazine.

Prepare for time off
Small-business owners who want to feel like they won't have to battle through massive amounts of email when they get back from a trip need to set themselves up before they head out of the office. According to Troy, it's important for owners of small firms to alert the professional contact they communicate with on a regular basis about their vacation. This can make it easier for them to understand that they may need to talk to other people at the company if they have any inquiries.

Get back to productivity
It's easy for some professionals to come back from vacation wishing they were still out of the office, but they can quickly to the realization they have a lot of things to get done, and that includes managing emails. An article for Lifehacker stated it may not be possible to get everything done within the first few days of being home, so it is in the best interest of small-business owners to avoid getting stressed. When away from the company, they must remember their colleagues and associates will be able to manage the firm. Upon their return, they will simply go back to their role as the leader of the enterprise and respond to emails in order of importance and time sensitivity.

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