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Don’t Let Bad Habits Bring Down the Firm


All small-business owners set out to achieve high levels of success at their firms, but in many instances, they are set back by poor choices and bad habits that wreak havoc on the company as a whole. A recent blog post for Entrepreneur magazine shared some insights from the author of the book Superhero Success, about some easily fixable business habits that can bring down a company.

According to author T.W. Walker, both frequency and repetition create habits. He believes that most people unfortunately implement habits that actually block their success and productivity.

Wasting time with unproductive tasks

Many businesses ask their staff members to sit at a desk in front of a computer all day long. This can not only lead to getting bored at work, but with the world wide web at their fingertips, it is easy for employees to get distracted from what they are supposed to be doing. Staying off of social networks and refraining from writing too many pointless emails can help staff members stay on task all day long.

Walker believes the glorification of “multitasking” is partially to blame. While switching quickly between email to Facebook to a task and so on may appear to accomplish more, in actuality it slows down productivity overall, according to Walker.

Being scared to make tough decisions

Small-business owners are far too hesitant to take risks and instead operate with fear. Being scared to make to make tough choices can often hinder productivity throughout the entire company. An article for Forbes said it's important for business owners to be strong in their decision making and to not waver after a choice has been made.

However, many small-firm owners often make poor decisions and have bad habits that can hurt their enterprise in the long run. In order to stay protected in these situations, it's important to have small-business insurance policies.

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