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Digital literacy becoming more important for small business hires


Technology is becoming a larger part of the operation for every small business, and being able to quickly and efficiently use a computer is definitely something that everyone within a company needs to know how to do.

According to recent research conducted by the National Cyber Security Alliance and Symantec, 53 percent say it is important for new hires to possess a strong proficiency in basic computer skills because of the increased amount of cyber crime throughout the nation.

"Small businesses are a driving force of our economy, and new technologies and online services are becoming an everyday part of how SMBs run their businesses," said Brian Burch, vice president of Americas Marketing for SMB at Symantec.

Employees must be able to use technology responsibly
Bringing in employees who are able to use business technology in an ethical manner is of high importance to small business owners. According to the survey, 59 percent said the proper use of email, social networks and engagement online is essential or important to the online security of a business. This is just another example of why cyberliability insurance is a must for many small firm owners.

"Small businesses are expressing a strong need for employees with basic skills and knowledge about how to use technology safely, securely, ethically and productively," said Michael Kaiser, executive director of the National Cyber Security Alliance.

Inform employees on cybersecurity practices
Many small business owners have been victims of cybercrime in the past, and several others will be in the future, due to their our negligence, or that of their employees. Training employees on certain internet scams is something many more small business owners are doing.

With 58 percent of respondents saying it is essential or important for new hires to know internet security practices like password protection measures, identifying safe websites, and avoiding phishing and other scams, many small business owners are placing a higher focus on combating potential cyber crimes.

"Given the role of small businesses in our economy, it's so important to integrate cybersecurity training into all education levels – from K-life," said Kaiser. "SMBs should also provide ongoing training to employees to be sure skills are reinforced and new skills are developed as the technology changes."

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