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Complying with immigration law when hiring


There are many laws governing the employment practices of all businesses, but these regulations can sometimes be difficult to keep track of for small businesses. As the society becomes more globalized and diverse, one regulation business owners may need to keep in mind are the aspects of civil and immigration law that may affect their hiring plans.

According to Tech Republic, mishandling the hiring process when an immigrant may be involved could potentially lead to civil or criminal penalties for an employer, from either the government or the applicant themselves.

Small business owners should be aware that hiring an unauthorized alien is a violation of the law. Therefore by hiring citizens and authorized aliens with proper residency and work permit documents only, the source says they may following the law.

However, the situation could be complicated when business owners attempt to determine the residency status of an applicant. According to the source, asking directly if an applicant is illegal is actually a violation of the law, and could leave the business owner legally vulnerable.

Despite being prepared, it is possible to make a mistake during the hiring process. Having employment practices liability coverage can help small businesses manage the consequences should they accidentally overstep boundaries during the hiring process.  

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