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Cloud security remains a top concern


A lack of trust in the cloud has hindered the migration to the online storage solution for many small-business owners throughout the United States. Cloud security is so important because owners at small firms must protect their business critical information and the data they store about their customer base.

According to recent research compiled by data security company GreenSQL. Fifty-one percent of respondents have a security concern about moving their application to the cloud, while 31 percent don't trust the level of security in cloud services.

"The painful fact is that most of the time, as a cloud customer, you will be sharing the same hardware and network with others, which means that security must come first," said David Maman, chief technology officer at GreenSQL, reported TechTarget.

Databases need to stay protected
Small-business owners who lose customer information, as well as their own, can put themselves at serious risk of potential litigation. With this mind, it is critical to remain protected with cyberliability insurance policies. The survey found 22 percent of respondents are afraid of losing control on data secured in the cloud, and with these concerns in mind, it may be difficult to make the full switch to the online storage solution.

"The core of your business is the information you store - your customers' data and your company's financial information," said Maman, according to the website. "The majority of the time, that information is stored inside of a database."

Security must be of high importance
The GreenSQL survey revealed 59 percent of respondents said the cloud is a must for their operation, and these firms need to focus on having a safe, secure cloud that they can store information on without worrying about potential data loss risks.

Small-business owners who do some research on cloud providers can begin using the solutions with fewer security flaws, which can make it more difficult for their cloud environment to become compromised by a computer hacker or cybercriminal.

"If information is the real currency of your business, then the database is the safe storing this currency," continued Maman, the site reported. "Therefore, you have to make sure cloud service providers use all possible protection measures available."

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