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Business travel expected to remain strong in 2013


Business travel is usually a good indication of the status of the economy. When the environment is strong, firms are more willing to deepen their pockets for travel, but when times are tough, more virtual meetings need to be scheduled. Nonetheless, all small businesses need general liability insurance to protect their employees while on the road in the event of any injury.

Right as the economy appears to be getting stronger, a new study from Newsweek and The Daily Beast research department in partnership with Orbitz for Business, showed nearly three-quarters of business travelers expect to see either the same amount or more trips throughout 2013

Business travelers opt for online bookings
The days of calling a travel agent to schedule a trip are coming to a close as business travelers can turn to online resources to book their flights and accommodations. Nine of out 10 respondents said they schedule their trips online at least some of the time with more than two-thirds saying they book at least 75 percent of their travels via the internet.

"The results of this survey reinforce what we've learned from our clients - booking travel online provides a much more satisfying user experience, as evidenced by our customers' 90 percent online adoption rate, and business travelers save money for their employer by complying with corporate policy wherever possible," said Mark Walton, vice president of global strategic accounts at Orbitz for Business.

Remain productive while traveling for the company
Today's business world requires employees to be efficient even when they are traveling thousands of miles to meet with clients. A recent article for Entrepreneur magazine shared a list of ways business travelers can maximize their time. The magazine suggests employees can:

  • Create a portable calendar and make a schedule for each day spent out of the office
  • Use keyboard shortcuts on laptops, tablets and smartphones to type messages, emails and notes faster
  • Take advantage of offline time on the flight by writing pitches or drafting emails
  • Build a to-do list on a smartphone app that creates efficiencies and allows for better productivity while on the road

Using these simple tips can not only make business travel a breeze, but it will help small-business owners manage employees when they are on the road.

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