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Beware of security threats to ecommerce sites


The holiday season is the perfect time for many small business owners throughout the United States to roll out their ecommerce sites in the hopes that they will lead to more sales and higher revenues before the new year.

However, online shopping often opens up many customers to many cyberthreats when they are asked to release personal information over the internet. Recent research conducted by web and mail security provider GFI Software identified the top virtual security threats for today's customers, finding that the Trojan virus is part of nearly 23 percent of all malware

"One unfortunate reality about the holiday season is that while many people choose to spread good cheer, internet users can also count on cybercriminals to spread malware," said Christopher Boyd, senior threat researcher at GFI Software. "They prey on the stresses of last-minute gift buying, hoping to distract consumers from being cautious with their personal information online."

Protect customers from threats
Allowing customers to purchase products and/or services over the internet is a great opportunity for small business owners, but the prevalence of cyberthreats earmarks the importance of having an encrypted website safe from hackers. Investing in cyberliability insurance can also ensure any criminal behavior that takes place during ecommerce does not fall on the shoulders of small business owners.

"Cybercriminals have a large pool of potential victims at this time of year as more and more people flock to online shops to buy holiday gifts and ship them with their favorite package delivery company," said Boyd. "No matter how crazy the season gets, users need to remember to practice the same good habits such as double checking the source of email messages and confirming the destination of links before clicking."

What to look out for
The growing amount of cybercrime occurring in today's business world means small-business owners need to provide some guidelines for their customers when they are purchasing products and/or services online. An article for PC Magazine provides a list of some things small business owners can warn their client base to look out for.

•Use websites that are trusted
•Never buy without seeing the secure sockets layer lock
•Don't release Social Security number
•Look at bank statement to ensure the transaction
•Have the proper protection for devices

Small business owners can become endeared to their customers by providing them with this type of advice that can help them stay safe from potential cybercrime.

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