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Be prepared for any disaster with a plan


Hurricane Sandy has already taken its toll on several small businesses, and things are expected to get worse as the flooding continues throughout the East Coast of the United States. Owners of small firms need to be sure they will be able to recover after the storm has taken its toll on their business. A recent blog post for Entrepreneur magazine outlined the necessary steps small business owners must take to get their company on the road to recovery.

Get in touch with the insurance company
Depending on what insurance policies small business owners have purchased, companies may be protected by property insurance or general liability insurance. Before partaking in any cleanup or restoration efforts, small business owners must talk to their insurance agent to assess the damages and get a feel for how much money they will be able to collect. The amount of money the small business owners will be able to get from their insurance company depends on what policies were bought by the company.

Stay in touch with clients and suppliers
When a disaster hits, small business owners can't stand by and let everything play out. They must remain proactive and continue trying to keep their business running as normal. If any setbacks occur, staying in contact with their customer base and their group of suppliers is important in keeping everyone informed with what the company's next moves will be. Posting notifications on social networking sites or updating their website with a press release will allow everyone that cares about the business to have the latest information at their disposal. Customers should also be updated if any of their shipments will be affected.

Be prepared with a backup plan
All businesses should have a strategy in place in the event of a disaster, especially those located in areas where natural disasters occur regularly. Each members of the workforce should know exactly what to do when the business has to shut down. Having a "plan B" will not only allow staff to feel as though their company is sustainable, but it will also ensure that the business doesn't lose any customers. Small business owners should also be sure to back up data in the cloud or on a zip drive critical information is not lost.

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