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Avoid these mistakes when starting a home business


Many of today's entrepreneurs believe office space is overrated and they are launching a small business from the comfort of their own home. While this may be a great way to save money and improve the ability to be flexible, there are several downfalls that can come from running a business from home. Below is a list provided by Entrepreneur magazine of potential issues to avoid when getting a small business off the ground from their place of residence.

Don't allow distractions
Working from home can come with the added burden of dealing with children, fielding personal phone calls and getting dinner ready, as well as a number of different distractions. Entrepreneurs who are starting a business from home need to set aside their own "quiet time," in which they have a few hours at a time where they won't let anything at their home stand in the way of getting their job done. It's important small business owners let everyone in the house know that work needs to completed and they will be available to them in a few hours.

Don't cut back free time
Starting a small business from home can definitely allow people more flexibility in their work schedule, but it can also mean that they will work around the clock. While an office may be located in their home, entrepreneurs need to allow themselves some free time where they can just hang out at their homes or head out for a little bit to take their minds off their business. Working all the time can make starting a business from home a nightmare.

Don't work from the couch
There may be certain times when an entrepreneur can sit in front of the TV and get some things taken care of while watching their favorite show or a sports game, but it shouldn't be the main place where they get their work done. Small business owners must set aside a place in their homes that they designate their work space, where they get a majority of their responsibilities taken care of. With a home office area, entrepreneurs will find that they are able to get a lot more tasks completed and that they are much more productive.

Don't forget about insurance
Not having physical office space can often make an entrepreneur believe that they don't need to insure their company. However, there are plenty of small business insurance policies needed by entrepreneurs that can protect a home-based company. Failing to insure could be a fatal error made by an firm owner.

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