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Are telecommuters getting the job done at home?


Every small-business owner wants to get the most out of his or her staff while making employees happy at the same time. With perks such as the ability to work from home and "bring your own device" policies, companies need to have cyberliability insurance polices, allowing employees to feel safe from potential hacking incidents. 

Some employees misbehave at home, at work
Despite the benefits of working from home, many employers may be concerned by the number of staff members who are doing other things while on the clock. According to a new survey, nearly seven out of 10 employees said they shop online when they are supposed to be working and about one-quarter of respondents admitted to spending about an hour per week browsing for products online

However, telecommuters are not the only ones getting off task when they are supposed to be carrying out their jobs. Fifty-four percent of respondents said they do some online shopping in the office and 47 percent said they're less likely to get in trouble for it if they work from home. Small-business owners looking to get the most out of employees who are telecommuting must make sure they are enforcing strict policies to staying on task.

"Online shopping is one of many interruptions that can lure workers away from their tasks, whether they're at home or at their workplace," said Jackie Warrick, senior savings adviser at

Productivity rises when working from home
Many professionals may disagree, but it actually is possible for employees to experience higher levels of success when working from home, as opposed to being in the office. The survey revealed 63 percent of employees who work remotely said they experience fewer distractions when they are outside the workplace, while 61 percent said they feel more productive working from home than when they're at their place of employment. Small-business owners who want to see a productive staff may want to give employees the option to telecommute.

"While taking a break now and then is necessary to remain productive, it's important for workers to manage their time effectively and contribute to the success of their organization," said Warrick. "This is true no matter where they're physically located while they do their job."

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