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4 mobile strategy tips for small business owners


Mobile devices are changing the ways small businesses operate. The more smartphones that are sold throughout the world, the higher the demand will be from customers who want to associate with a brand over mobile channels. This demonstrates the need for a mobile strategy that can help even the smallest of firms stay in competition with larger corporations. To build a solid mobile strategy, use these insights provided by Andreas Bernström, the CEO of mobile voice over IP provider Rebtel, in a recent article for the Huffington Post.

Make it easy for customers
Small business owners don't have to roll out complex, innovative apps for their customers. They just need to give their client base an opportunity to use an app  with a good user interface that takes on the personality of the company. The app also needs to be user friendly and easy to view on a small screen. The better an app is designed, the easier it will be for customers to use it to associate with a particular brand.

Create apps for multiple devices 
There are a number of different mobile devices out there today that consumers are using. Apple, Samsung, Blackberry and Google are just a few of the companies that have created smartphones and tablets that are used by Americans. Creating apps and optimizing sites for all types of devices will help small business owners cater to more members of their client base.

Reward mobile users
Customers who are dedicated app users and who have experienced products and/or services a number of times should be rewarded by small businesses that want to keep their clients happy. By incentivizing consumers to share an app or web page, both the small business owner and their customers can benefit from the attempt to bring in more people. Referral bonuses and utilizing location-based technologies are also ways firms can reward their customers through the use of an app.

Protect these technologies
Smartphones and tablets are newer technologies that small business owners are able to take advantage of, but by the same token, they open up firms for potential attacks from cybercriminals. By investing in cyberliability insurance policies, small business owners can make sure they won't be held liable in the event their apps become compromised.

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