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3 ways to properly criticize employees


Small business owners want to get to most of out their employees and maximize the potential of their entire staff. However, there are often periods when they feel that their employees need a figurative kick in the pants to get back to performing well. A recent article for Inc. magazine compiled a list of ways small business owners can criticize their employees in a way that is beneficial for the firm and the particular employees.

Don't let problems pile up
Employees often know when they have screwed up or there is something they can do better. This is why small business owners should not wait to let a number of problems build up before approaching a particular employee. Instead, right after an employee has committed an error or they need to be reprimanded, it is important for small business owners to approach them with a mix of criticism and compliments. This strategy will allow employees to develop a sense of trust with their bosses.

Find the root of the problem
Telling an employee about the things they have done wrong and then walking away won't solve any problems with that staff member. Small-business owners should sit down with their problem employees and start with some questions to find the root of the error they are continuing to make. Understanding the means rather than the end will allow small firm owners to get a better idea of how they can help members of their staff fix the problem. Asking the right questions can even help employees figure out how to do their jobs better.

Schedule regular feedback sessions
Members of the workforce want to know how their boss sees them as an employee, and only approaching them when there is a problem won't help them accumulate that knowledge. By scheduling performance review meetings, small business employees will be able to regularly sit down with their bosses to understand what they excel at and what they can do better at in the workplace. Mixing criticism with positive feedback will help employees figure out where they need to improve.

Having these conversations with employees is something every boss needs to do if they want good relationships with all of their staff. However, in some instances, criticism can backfire and employees may want to leave the firm and the business could face potential litigation. With business insurance policies in place, small firm owners won't be devastated by legal fees.

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