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3 ways to ensure employees are working hard


Getting the most out of staff is a goal for every small-business owner, and increasing payroll isn't the only answer. The Grammy Awards teach firm owners that the having a great beat and rhythm are often the keys to success, and a recent article for Fox Business outlined how owners at smaller enterprises can follow the lead of musicians to improve the lines of communication throughout the entire company.

Encourage employees to take enough time for lunch
No matter the profession, sitting at a desk for multiple hours responding to client emails and fielding phone calls can get repetitive. Sometime during the day, small-business owners need to encourage their staff to step out of the office for a change of scenery. Taking a suitable amount of time for lunch allows employees to get reinvigorated and ready to conquer the rest of their day. All employees should know that they shouldn't be scared to leave to office simply for a break or if they want to go eat lunch.

Form a direct connection with staff
Many small-business owners are so busy that they can barely pick their heads up from their smartphones, tablets and laptops, but doing so may be just the key to maximize the potential of their staff. Being visible within the office and talking to all employees on a daily basis will help everyone in the office feel appreciated by their boss. Smiling at employees and engaging in conversation when it is necessary can go a long way in making sure that staff members feel appreciated.

Make sure employees are happy
The last thing owners at small firms want is to face is litigation from employees who felt they haven't been accommodated correctly, reminding them it's also important to be protected with small business insurance policies. However, to avoid such problems, providing direct feedback and asking for insights from employees could prove to be a solid strategy that can lead to a happy workforce. Clearing up any problems that employees at the company may have had will help the business continue down the right path, instead of leaving several dismayed staff members along the way. Focusing on employee happiness could be the difference in having the most effective workforce, and a team that doesn't have a common set of goals in mind.


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