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3 ways small-business owners can prepare for cybercrime


Small-business owners that have yet to purchase cyberliabilty insurance must do so soon considering the rash of hacking incidents, cyberthreats and malicious incidents that occurred in 2012. Cybercriminals are not just trying to infiltrate the virtual infrastructure, small businesses are fair game as well. A recent article for Fox Business provided a list of lessons that firm owners can learn from hackers themselves. 

Small businesses can't keep them out
After learning of the high number of large corporations that have recently suffered a data breach, owners of smaller companies may be disheartened. It's important for small-business owners to be realistic and know they can't combat cybercriminals alone. Instead, they should invest in a third-party to handle their cybersecurity, such as McAfee, Symantec and Trend Micro.

Be prepared for a data breach
Recent surveys have shown IT security professionals aren't concerned about whether their company will suffer from a hacking incident, rather it is a matter of when. Small-business owners need to take this thought process into consideration when preparing for cybercrime. Having a plan in place for how to recover from a data breach is just as important as having security defense strategies in place. All businesses must be sure their critical information is backed up in the event of an attack.

Train employees how to be safe
A majority of data breaches occur because of the negligence of employees, stressing the importance of developing a set of best practices for safety and making sure workers are well trained in internet security. Employees that know not to open suspicious emails, visit questionable websites or give out sensitive information without permission can help firms avoid dangerous hacking incidents.

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