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3 ways employees take advantage of their bosses


Many company owners make the mistake of believing they are in full control of their staff, thinking they don't need to invest in the necessary small business insurance policies and keep tabs on their employees. However, in several instances, that is not the case. There are a number of members of the workforce who are manipulating their bosses, and bringing their companies down in the process. A recent article for Inc. magazine outlined some dirty tricks some employees will try to pull, and how firm owners can stop them.

Pretending to be busy
Many staff members try to trick their bosses to assign tough projects to other employees at the business by acting like they have too much on their plate already. This is simply unacceptable for small-business owners, as they rely much on their staff. In order to put an end to this behavior, business managers must set deadlines for certain projects to ensure that their employees are staying on task and they are available to take on all assignments that their boss needs them to complete.

Not admitting to mistakes
Nobody likes saying when they are wrong, and things are no different in the business world, as employees will often withhold from their bosses when they've committed an error. When staff members don't tell their firm owners when they did not complete a project or assignment correctly, it could lead to a domino effect of negative circumstances. Small-business owners can negate this issue by confronting employees when they do realize they have made an issue, while also incorporating a culture of honesty and integrity. Firm owners must make their staff believe that their No. 1 concern is meeting the needs of their clients.

Changing the subject during important meetings
When employees feel the pressure during conversations involving several important figures within the company, they will often try to change the subject when they are getting uncomfortable. Doing this will often make the meeting about other things besides the task at hand, wasting everyone at the company's time. In order to avoid this problem, small-business owners need to send out meeting agendas in advance to make sure everyone at the business is prepared to talk about the projects they have been working on since the last time the company met.

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